3 Haas ripe avocadoes – halved and seeds removed

½ jalapeño – seeds removed and minced

1 clove of garlic – minced

½ TSP ground cumin

Juice of 1 lime

2 TSP chopped cilantro

Pinch of cayenne pepper

2 medium vine ripened tomatoes – seeded and chopped finely

½ medium sweet onion – such a Vidalia or Maui – diced finely

½ TSP of Kosher salt


Halve the, core and scoop out the flesh of the avocadoes into a medium working bowl.  With a potato masher mix the avocado with ½ the lime juice, cumin, salt and pinch of cayenne.

Fold in the jalapeño, onion, tomatoes and cilantro.  Adjust seasonings and pour the remaining lime juice over the top, allowing it to sit at room temperature before serving.

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