With so much farm fresh and organic produce obtainable currently, it is no wonder that salad is a global phenomenon.  Anything and everything is a contender for a salad nowadays.   A stand-alone tuna, chicken or lobster is always noteworthy of mention and a slaw and potato salads have been elevated to a grand Dowager status.

I’ve always been a firm believer the ingredients in a salad should contain something green and vibrant.  Let’s face it, the afore mentioned salad with only vegetables doesn’t have a high nutritional value and here is where beans, meat, nuts or seeds and protein come into play as a supplement.

Whether you are loading up at salad bars, which now cost almost as much as a car payment by the pound, or purchasing the ingredients at the local market, the cost for salad preparation is becoming quite cost prohibitive.

We pile on so many ingredients, there is no distinction of any greenery peering through and everything ends up drowned with gooey dressing.   As much as Summer brings forth a cornucopia of freshness, the simplicity of a fresh, green salad is finally making a stealthy comeback.  There is nothing lovelier than a fresh crisp, leafy salad dressed with a simple vinaigrette.

In the salad department, we have moved far beyond the definition of lettuce, tomato and cucumber, and let’s face it, whichever way you choose to consume them, the salad hype plays a significant element on our diurnal routine.

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