In the kitchen, we are not discussing how hot and bothered you get prepping a chicken. The only juices that are running here are the ones that run clear when you carve it, having allowed the bird to rest for a while after roasting.  It can be potentially arguable, but there’s something pretty damn sexy about rubbing a whole chicken with spices and olive oil. Well that is my opinion anyway

Chicken has crossed the proverbial road over to swanky town, so if you’ve entertained any preconceived fallacies regarding chicken, stash them all right now.  This bird is anything but uninspiring, whoever gave it a bad rep, they are cotton pickin’ liars!

What is it about chicken that it’s become a putative staple in every household worldwide? Discounting vegans or vegetarian, then poultry is definitely not part of your culinary repertoire.

Indubitably, there are countless, unimaginative and flavorless concoctions flitting around, but chicken is King in most kitchens because of its versatility and irrefutably it’s the most consumed, go-to meat on the planet.  So if you’re part of the maddening crowd presuming chicken isn’t dashing, it’s time to do an iconoclastic take and make you a cheer leading, chicken fan yet.

Organic chicken, free-range, cage free and raised without routine antibiotics is undoubtedly the way to go.  No matter which way we look at it, there is a large carnivore population, so it is makes perfect sense we should gravitate to animals raised in a humanly, friendly habitat.

So, if you’re feeling saturnine about chicken, you really don’t have resort to clandestine tactics where this bird is concerned.  It might yet become the Rocky Balboa in your kitchen after you inject it with some new-fangled, exciting mojo!

Throughout the Pantry Rat, chicken recipes will interspersed according to category or cuisine.

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