Who doesn’t like Costco?  There is a warehouse, it seems now in almost every country.  It is a shopping Disneyland for adults, where every department is a new land beckoning exploration.  My shopping escapades there are few and far between due to the inhibiting, magnitude in volume of their staples; it is a deterrent for two people, let alone one.  Hence my shopping forays happen every two or three months.

I will admit to acquiring my most sought-after pantry staples there, since I know they won’t be languishing in my pantry cupboard for eons.  Worcestershire, Grey Poupon, olive oil and a few others that are worthy of mention such as Robert Rothchild’s Roasted Pepper and Onion cooking sauce.  Which was recently discovered and absolutely worthy of mention.  A succulent sauce with a touch of chili and a natural at pairing with meats and fish.  It also adds marvelous depth to elevate even a simple tomato sauce.

However, the pre-cooked meal selection, had been uncharted waters, as I hadn’t gone rogue yet.  Nonetheless, with friends coming for dinner, I was looking for a piece of creamy Spanish Manchego and other colorful morsels to enhance my charcuterie board.  Suddenly, my head snapped up upon hearing the word “organic” coming from a food demonstrator along with the aroma of smoked pork.  It was time to put on my Sherlock Holmes hat.

I discovered the behemoth wholesaler is a huge advocate of organic foods and a purveyor of many.  With a vast array of offerings, from canned goods, juices, meats and vegetables, with a price point that is unbeatable anywhere else.  Some items may not be available at your local Costco, as the variety and selection differs per location and some of the non-Kirkland items are offered singularly, sometimes only as trial runs.

It’s a dreadful mistake to entertain an excursion to Costco, or any food store for that matter, with any hunger pangs.  “Was this smoked pork i was sampling really that succulent or was it because I was famished?”.  My mind was running rampant with the vast array of recipe combinations I could rustle-up.   Even though I make most everything from scratch, at times I need a break from kitchen enslavement.

And then a thought struck me.  Why not offer suggestions on the pre-cooked Costco items and enhance the flavors by bringing them to their highest and best outcome?

Purchasing store-bought premade meals provides a timesaver shortcut for many, especially since weekday cooking, after a long work day becomes a dreaded task.   They are a stellar solution for the less adventurous or unimaginative individuals, lacking in culinary knowledge.  All the same, it is a well-known fact, most readymade items are rather bland, unappealing and don’t pack any punch in the flavor department.  There is no reason why they can’t be elevated with minimal effort, with items in your pantry and fridge.

I’ll be dedicating a section at the Pantry Rat for everyone that doesn’t have tenure in the kitchen and is unaware how to pair seasonings and other ingredients to elevate pre-prepared meals.

Costco has a robust list of organic foods available on their website with more being acquired and added daily.

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