Written by Nanette Hebdige

With vast numbers looking for their next opportunity, overwhelmed recruiters sort through hundreds of applicants like combat linemen. And candidates wonder why there’s a lack of response, no matter how qualified they’re for the role.

Even when various interviews have taken place for a job, candidates are still being ghosted.

Indeed, many positions come with detailed hire instructions, demanding specific skillsets as well as cognitive and IQ tests to measure your mental quotient as well as software knowledge and industry terminology. The dexterity for solid digital integration and coming off as a tech-warrior in the workplace is now paramount. Even though this is more necessary in corporate enclaves, we are seeing an upward trend of uber-modernized households.

In the personal service industry, the more trailblazing your experience and tenure, the better your odds. Still, you don’t want to be associated with the primitively progressive movement – solid experience doesn’t have to be synonymous to being compared to a model T-Ford.

Employ a take-charge mindset and recognize that your experiences are unique by homing in on your expertise platform. And one thing is for sure, being pigeonholed a digital ignoramus is a fatal fumble. You don’t have to become an alpha nerd in the nerd herd, but you need to become somewhat of a nerdiac intellectual to stay in the race.

Additionally, it goes without saying that having a solid and engaging social presence is tantamount. If you haven’t decked out your LinkedIn profile, you better start giving it a good polish. Also, employ and navigate social media platforms, as you never know when you are going to be asked to manage one!

The UHNW clientele want solid experience to run their households. As mentioned, tenure is important, as is the ability to manage a household like a well-run battleship. But even a battleship has to have a cyberdeck. So, embrace digital transformation to bring home your A game.



  • Navigate through accounting softwares and be a spreadsheet ninja. Much needed to manage and maintain project budgets and household expenses

  • Become a grand master at juggling multiple calendars Vendor Calendars, Staff Calendar, Household Calendars – updating/adding daily and training your staff how to use them

  • Wine cellar management systems are now employed for households with large cellars – key for wine cataloguing, purchasing and inventory

  • Know the FLSA laws for your state, as well having basic knowledge of HR systems for staff info tracking

  • Get up to date on operational guidelines on current smart in-home systems – Savant, Lutron, Crestron

  • Train staff with some rudimentary knowledge on in-house security systems in case of an emergency or a power failure

  • Know the latest in wi-fi connectivity so the household isn’t in the techno doldrum and trouble shoot systems by becoming the digital bomb-squad

  • Create standard digitalized SOP’s to share on google docs and Dropbox across residences

  • Get PMI certified and have solid knowledge on project management software (Trello, Asana, Jira or Slack) to handle large projects, such as additions, renovations and construction. It will provide much needed task list tracking, project schedules, file sharing, reporting and above all communication

HOUSEKEEPERS – Learn how to utilize new products and know what’s involved in maintaining antiques and precious works of art. Being aware of what principals require for the upkeep of their wardrobes, linens, from a hypoallergenic environment, to materials that are organic and eco-friendly

CHEFS – Expand your culinary knowledge and don’t be just a granola chef. Include Paleo, Juicing, Mainstream Vegan (including plant-based alternatives), Keto, Ayurvedic and other ethnic cuisines to inject variety and a create a wider portfolio with more eclectic menus. Learn to navigate state of the art appliances and embrace new techniques like sous-vide and learn about new ingredients. Know the new trends that are on the rise, like family-friendly dining, old school white tablecloth or large dining (where large dishes are presented center table for everyone to share) and become familiar with a farm-to-table approach that may include locally sourced products

SECURITY TEAMS/CHAUFFEURS – Polish your lightsaber skills by becoming familiar with the latest in-home security platforms. Personal chauffeurs, know the operation of different vehicles, the different GPS systems, have some knowledge of vehicle maintenance, as well as knowing intimately the layout of the cities you’re asked to navigate in

NANNIES – Get a complete understanding of calendar management for optimal communication with principals and other staff, as well as service providers and appointment setting for children. Additionally, learning CPR and basic First Aid is a solid asset to list on your resume


Of course, every principal is different. If their residences are supporting sophisticated tech platforms and they are digital gurus themselves, they’ll require someone with iconic geek abilities their staff Estate Manager/Chief of Staff.

Today, no matter what role you’re assuming, you’ve got to be a digital Jedi, incorporate modern warfare and have the ability to juggle multiple devices at once.

Recognizing you’re a dinosaur in the steampunk era takes valor and fortitude. Once you’ve done that double take, you’ll n need to do that subtle tech dance and start living the dream by embracing technology.

Candidates still contend with ageism, gender and ethnic discrimination, so don’t add being obsolete to the mix and find ways to reinvent yourself. Since knowledge is always power, try to become the best digital burger flipper you can be.

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