Written by Nanette Hebdige

Do you have the right characteristics and moxie to recruit the right talent?

Moreover the question really should be – are talent acquisition entities and HR departments acquiring the right recruiters to hold that acclaimed title?

HCM (Human Capital Management) is the one of the largest and fastest growing industries. Organizations scramble to find the right talent, and some go as far as making the same effort to retain it.

Although for the most part, talent acquisition agencies and HR are cognizant of what makes a recruiter solid and look for the shrewdest candidates for the position, many recruiters are not very “mindful” in their role.

Firms are hiring inexperienced contenders, some right out of college with little or no tenure in the recruitment arena and lack the mental muscle and exposure for top performance.

In many cases, a recruiter shouldn’t be rejected from being hired just because the industry they’ve been exposed to doesn’t match the right platform. Specific industry vernacular is easily learned, when the recruiter has solid mental quotient and recruitment nomenclature is pretty similar across all platforms. Just like new recruiters need to familiarize themselves with the individualistic software utilized in each organization.

There are a lot of variables and granted, some industries are job specific, but just like a candidate’s employability is transferable so are a recruiter’s credentials. Agencies and corporations need to give honed recruiters a chance to be able to enter most arenas.

Tenure in recruitment brings so much more to the table. Acquiring talent isn’t just about filling a new posting (or wanting to get paid for the placement). It includes being an excellent judge of character, a master juggler at building relationships and scrutinizing personality traits that fit with the right position. You better have a robust LinkedIn presence; breathe it and live it, as well as being cognizant to whether each candidate possesses transferable skillsets that will make them great within the position in the long run.

Like with anything, there’s is no guarantee that a new hire will remain in that position, as the grass is always greener over the fence. But there are certain boxes that a “solid” recruiter can check off, so that the gauntlet doesn’t have to be reinvented by finding a replacement. So, doing it right from the start plays a huge part.

So, what personality and professional traits make for a kick-butt recruiter you may ask?

  • Being a very discerning judge of character

  • Possessing solid listening skills – that applies to listening to both the client’s requirements, hiring managers, as well as the candidates

  • Reading between the lines

  • Ability to be good influencers

  • Prescreening, electing, negotiating and presenting the right candidates for the role

  • Assessing candidates’ transferable skills

  • Being a good communicator, innovator and coach

  • You are a CTS and iCIMS systems ninja and have data fluency

  • Follow everyday track-metrics and have tenacity

  • Look at the big pic – being mindful to future recruitment needs of the org

  • Be a bloodhound and ply the right social platforms

  • Be uber organized and focused

  • Adjusting to unusual and demanding work schedules

  • Meet time zone demands

  • Ensure your communication skills are top notch – writing postings and verbalizing info to the candidates

  • Having high energy and stay focused

  • Staying connected with past candidates

  • Apply humanity to the process

  • Have a sparkling personality to differentiate yourself from the multitudes

  • Make your postings engaging

That being said – remember how hungry you were to get that recruiter job and get hired? You were selected among all other candidates – whoop whoop! Way to go!!!

Now remember to inject some professional courtesy, because it’s not just about checking off that job ticket and making some bucks. You are playing an integral part in someone’s life and although a recruiter can’t promise or make the decision for the final hire, be respectful, kind and pay it forward. Make your passion for your recruitment obvious – that will make you outstanding at your job. And above all, try to make a difference in someones life.

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