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February 2020


The old adage holds true for just about everything – unquestionable nothing is created equal. That couldn’t be more evident that in the realm of the culinary “ball’. They are participants in stews, soups and that fall back classic – spaghetti and meatballs. Neophytes may think “elementary my dear Watson” when it comes to their preparation. NOT. There’s always a method to the madness and it’s no different here. Be sure to follow these techniques on Balls 101 to ensure…

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By Nanette Hebdige SHRIMP IS KING  This crustacean has been subtly strutting along, gaining notoriety with every cuisine piling it high. It’s got its very own star on the culinary walk of fame due to its global obsession! Resonating in every culture – shrimp is king. In Italy, Fra Diavolo is served at almost every locale and the Americanized-Italian version of shrimp scampi is prepared in many households. Spanish Gambas al Ajillo marries shrimp with a boat load of garlic,…

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