Maintaining a well-stocked pantry is indispensable for any chef.  No matter what cuisine you favor, having the correct spice repertoire is fundamental to inject the correct flavor to any dish.


My passion is cooking, my nirvana is spices.  I should call myself the mistress of spices.  I love to experiment with flavors and pair ingredients that ignite the senses with singular combinations that will create the ultimate flavor profile.  The Egyptians were buried with spices, and I think when I am called to meet my maker, that will be my one and only stipulation!


My boyfriend constantly tells me that unlike most women, I get more excited finding ethnic food markets than going to a Mall.  I am like the proverbial bloodhound, searching out new food stores.  Like Dora The Explorer I have no problem travelling miles out, searching out the best Farmers Markets or Food Bazaars!


Living in Boca Raton, FL and I am blessed to have some pretty outstanding grocery stores that provide a fairly good variety of produce, fish and meats.


I am modestly hoping to provide you guys with a dependable pantry list for Indian ingredients/spices that are called for in many of the recipes in my blog and are prevalent throughout Indian cuisine.


On a side note – “fundamental” or “essential” are words I’ve selected to use here.  By no means, you need to acquire “all” these ingredients for your pantry.  I am providing a comprehensive list of the authentic ingredients that any good Indian pantry stocks.  The same will apply for all the other pantry lists I am providing in this blog.  Items that I stock in my pantry and I am sharing them with you.


Pantry Rat