Throughout The Pantry Rat you’ll see me often mention Trader Joe’s.   No, I don’t get paid to promote them, however, I do know a good thing when I see it (or should I say use it) consequently, the Trader Joe’s label is a recurring visitor inside my pantry.  It wouldn’t be fair to only mention cavalierly I “love” TJ’s since you guys are discerning folks and have figured it out already.  However, I will go as far as saying it’s my second residence.  They might as well give me my own designated parking spot for “honorary patron”.


For those of you that have been deprived of making an acquaintance with TJ’s – I suggest you introduce yourself.  Once you get to know them, you will develop an intimate and iconic relationship, because you know the wonders that await you inside!  It’s undoubtedly one of the most thrilling and exciting markets on the planet, with a unique and esoteric selection and for the already regulars, you know exactly what I am going on about!


I don’t acquire all my foodstuffs there, nor all the my pantry staples.  However, many are far better in quality and price tag than the well known brands sold elsewhere.  Their EVOO and regular olive oils carry their Trader Giottos label and they are exceptionally good.


Oh, and for the wino in all of us, their global selection is surprisingly phenomenal.   A most unprecedented fact considering the limited space allocated for their wine section, the variety and obvious quality that’s always available.  You’ll be flummoxed by the affordability and the labels they carry, considering they are not titanic in proportion.


TJ’s has a brilliant “no questions asked” return policy and most food items are staples on their shelves.  However, a few products are acquired as a limited run item and when they are gone, I’m afraid they are a goner.  I’ve been enamored with certain items, which to my chagrin, at times they are no longer available.  However, let that not be a deterrent from a shopping expedition there, the affordability is incomparable.  And no, they don’t stock 30,000 items like the other behemoths, Walmart or Costco but believe me, but once you begin your forays there, I am unerringly sure that you’ll become a cheerleader just like me!


Pantry Rat