Poke is a dish indigenous to Hawaii.  They have many varieties of Poke served all over the islands, the fish is so fresh that it would be criminal not to eat it raw.  This version is simple, packs a wallop in the flavor department which pairs excellently with this oily, fatty fish.

Many chose not to eat raw salmon because of the belief that it’s an oily fish and therefore fishy in taste.  However, if you get the freshest salmon available, it’s just as delectable as tuna, if not more because it packs a very buttery consistency.

Try it instead of the predictable tuna tartare.  I promise you will be delightfully surprised.


2 filets salmon – cubed

½ Vidalia or Maui onion – chopped very fine

2-3 scallions white parts – chopped very fine

1½ TBSP brown sugar

½ TSP red pepper flakes

1 TBSP white sesame seeds

1 TBSP bonito flakes

2 TBSP thick soy sauce mixed with 3 TBSP lime juice

1½ TBSP toasted sesame oil

1 TBSP Mirin

2 TBSP Sake

1 ripe avocado chopped into small cubes

½ TSP Kosher salt – preferably Hawaiian

White and black toasted sesame seeds


Chop the salmon into small cubes – you can pulse it in the food processor but leave it a little chunky.  Add it to a working bowl.

Place all the ingredients together in a small bowl and whisk to incorporate the flavors.  Add half of the marinade to the chopped salmon and mix well.  Allow to sit for at least 30 minutes, no longer than an hour.

On a deep serving plate, place a round biscuit cutter and pack half of the salmon on the bottom gently pressing down.  Place the cubed avocado on top and finish with some more salmon.  Pour the remainder of the dressing around the salmon and remove the mold.  Finish with white and black sesame seeds on top.

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